10 Best Gardening Tips For Successful Gardening in beginning

Gardening tips for beginners

Gardening is a piece of land which is used to grow plants, trees, vegetables, taking care of whole the plants as well watering them and remove weed from there is called gardening.

These tips will make you happy and healthy.

As we all the process as plants grow it provide oxygen, as we all need to breath, so why not to grow go and dig your dream garden with these helping points. 

1. Make garden portfolio

Portfolio Gardenig

This is the special memory you can keep with us, we can also put note on them from where these plants was purchased and so and so it will keep your happy. and sticky to grow more :), keep plants journal to learn from mistake every year what works what doesn't.

2. Stay closer to water

Closer to water

If you are growing your plants on busy place check proper water facility and remove regularly weed to keep and smell free and let them spread good smell vibes around you deep water encourage solid growth of plants

3. Follow the sun.

Gardening tips should in sunlight

we should keep separate the plants who loves shadow and love sun light and let them grow every day, before digging your garden make sure there is enough sunlight spot, watch your yard where you should dig.

4. Feed your plants regularly.

Feed them regularly

Consistency is must keep them feeding every day and keep removing weed from plants you can also use dye to level the water in the plant it actually helps and easy to read rain gague.

5. Plant a variety of plants in your garden

Color garden multiple plants
  • Don't grow same type of plants overall use different kind of plants.
  • To have fun of life with different flowers around you.
  • You need not to grow your garden from scratch every year.

6. Start with small concept

Feed them properly

If you are a beginner this is for you start with small concept and with easy plants you can also take help of expert or can start with pots, talk to people in your area what suits well in your climate starting with herbs is always a good start.

7. Do a little bit every day.

Do a bit everyday

Provide consistent watering and drainage, and remove unnecessary weed from the garden  grow regularly some new plants to keep them shinning and use plants according to season. 

8. Lighten the heavy pots.

Lighten the heavy pot

Fill 1/3 or half of pot with form packing peanuts it will lighten your pot and make it easy to move and also provide more it also keep form and material separate with that it provide space for drainage, make sure it should mix with soil some forms are with soft it mix with the water.

9. Use wheelbarrow (portable planting)

Wheel Barrow for gardening

Wheel Barrow helps in making planting easy and portable it beneficial in many cases in removing of garden debris as well as transportation of soil it can be of wood, plastic or iron these are easily portable heavy rocks.

10. Learn from experience talk to other experts

Talk to other gardner

Don't fear from growing trees shouldn't fear to fail, feed them regular and use quality soil from crop  land to grow in beginning sit with other gardening people and take expertise from them and teach them and study will last for long.

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