Best Hedge Shears Reviews 2020

Expandable steel handle

Hedge shears are the common instrument use in the garden it is very important part of garden toolbox it is specially used to avoid necessary growth of hedges, when we are going to buy that we have to keep lot of things in mind we focus on weight, size and cutting capacity and warranties after all. we reviewed for them who doesn’t use them frequently, but we know you want the best value for money Hedge shears.

In our research we analyzed some  of the best hedge out there in market we compile a complete guide that fits to your garden needs with pros and cons you will be able to make more buying decision more faster than every expected.

Product ImageProduct Name 
Soft Grip hedge shearsFiskars Power Lever 8-InchCheck price on amazom
Expandable steel handleHedge Shears with Wavy BladeCheck price on amazom
Garden Hedge ShearsKSEIBI 143075 Hedge ShearsCheck price on amazom
OARA Garden Hedge ShearsCheck price on amazom
Fiskars Garden Hedge ShearsFiskars Garden 392861-1002 PowergearCheck price on amazom

1. Fiskars Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears With Soft Grip Handle Black/Orange

8″ hedge shears with soft and handy grip you can easily use it make the 2x its super effective and reduce the labor cost it come with sharpen blade and life time warranty.



  • It make the cutting capacity 2x its super handy to use.
  • 8″ sharpen blade just grab the breaches and clean cut
  • Durable and super handy handle that make the work fatigue free.
  • It comes with life time warranty.
  • Can be used for any size garden or lawn.
  • It works with 2x power
  • Reduce the labor cost
  • Sharpen blade
  • Can be used for garden or lawn
  • Comes with life time guarantee.
  • Keep away from the reach of children due to sharpen blade.

2. Hedge Shears with Wavy Blade and Extendable Steel Handles

It super effective and easy to use it can expand upto 25″ to 33″ it can be easily adjusted in every hand it provide higher level of satisfaction after completion of work.



  •  Ideal tool for trimming and shaping shrubs can be easily used for decorative plants it can expand from 25″ to 33″
  • Its made of carbon steel it doesn’t effect plant health with help it always provide joy full experience.
  • It reduces arm and shoulder fatigue its lightweight and value for money it will easily fits in our hands.
  • Adjustable blade its provide long lasting performance with great result.
  • It provide higher level of customer satisfaction it just value for money
  • It can easily expand upto 25" to 33".
  • Super adjustable easily use on any plant
  • It doesn't let you feel any pain or fatigue.
  • It provide amazing finishing to the work.
  • Keep away from the reach of children.

3. KSEIBI 143075 Hedge Shears with Telescoping Aluminium Light-Weight Handle

Super lightweight handle with sharpen expandable from 27″ tp 40″ it will reduce the labor work make the work more easier and faster enough long in size you can easily cut deep branches too, can be used to cut from any angle.


  • ADJUSTABLE BLADE TENSION – This Hedge Shear has a pivot bolt to adjust the tension of the blade and prune different types of plants with just a simple twist.
  • Fully adjustable, just simple to use just twist according to plant.
  • Fully steel blade, wear resisting and easy to clean and maintain.
  • It reduce the labor intensity you will never feel tired while using it ability to manage any new or older garden.
  • Expandable 27 to 40″ easily with comfort and handy grip.
  • 100% worth buying
  • Can easily expand upto 27 to 40"
  • Sharpen blade can cut any hedges
  • Fully adjustable and suitable for each type of garden size.
  • Bit pricy

4. OARA Garden Hedge Shears forTrimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes

High performance carbon steel with sharping cutting power it doesn’t let you feel fatigue make the work faster and easier it doesn’t cost any additional expense it keep our garden dust free and look charming.



  • High quality carbon steel hedge trimmer made with high quality can be used to shape any plant.
  • It provide extra comfort it reduce the fatigue from shoulder and arms handles allow for closer trimming for optimal cutting.
  • Easy to use your shrubbery will respond to grow back nicely it perform its duty in professional manner.
  • No maintenance cost it make the work quicker and make our garden look more cool and dust free 
  • 4 teflon coating these are just value for money.
  • High performance trimmer
  • With size 21" product weight 21 lb
  • Rust free and premium quality blade.
  • 65 Mn carbon steel super handy handle.
  • Make the work easier and faster.
  • Bit pricly

5. OARA Garden Hedge Shears forTrimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes

Advance gear technology fully rust resistant with long lasting life super quality sharpen blade no need of any electricity it provide advance comfort and control.



  • 3x more power in every cut due to power gear technology make the work lot easier and quicker.
  • Steel blades 10 inches and stay sharpen through every use.
  • Its fully rust resists low friction coating.
  • Long lasting life with handy grip.
  • Easy to use and light weight.
  • Advance comfort and control
  • Super advance blade design
  • 3x the power of cutting
  • Gare technology give you more power to cut.
  • Long lasting life and easy to use.
  • Little costly.

Final verdict

We analyzed some of the best out of best according some customers reviews as well we analyze the best fits in every condition even reliable and durable as well as last for long these hedge reduce the work and make the task finish quickly without fatigue.

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