Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow 2021 – Reviews

For those hot months when gardening is a popular hobby or project, along with mulch, a strong wheelbarrow is required for transportation of desired flowers for planting. A wheelbarrow is an efficient way to make transportation of essential items around the yard. Based on the type of yard, it is important to take the time to carefully choose the best type of wheelbarrow for the job. To get a good wheelbase, you should start betting. You should find time to find a good wheelbase.

Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

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Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic
Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow
Best Wheelbarrows Top 5 Reviewed3

Polar Trailer 8376

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden
Best Wheelbarrows Top 5 Reviewed5

YARDMAX YD8103 Track Barrow

1. Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty Cub Cart


This wheelbro is a lightweight yet heavy duty that can weigh up to 400 pounds. This wheelbarrow was designed to fit in small spaces with large axis distance. Some of the best products to carry this product are loose grapes which are heavy and hard without a strong wheelbarrow. However, the quality of the wheelbarrow, keep in mind that the assembly of this wheelbarrow may require two people. With a weight of 35 pounds, this light wheelbarrow is a good option only for residential projects. With a good balance, this wheelbarrow is a good product for carrying loose materials.


  • Load capacity: 400 lbs, Load size: 7 cubic feet
  • Weighs 35 lbs, High impact polyethylene tub
  • Dimensions: 50" X 28" X 29"
  • Tire size: 2-16" X 4.8", Wide rugged wide-track rubber tires, Shielded ball bearings
  • Optimum balance for easy heavy load hauling

2. Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow


This wheelbarrow is best for those customers who want a good dumping wheelbarrow. One of the best works used by this wheelbarrow is to cement the exact way. Although it is not a product used for comfort and quick maneuver, customers prefer this product to a well-balanced design which is corrosion proof. The handle of wood is the most comfortable handle which makes the product a product for people to choose from. Who plan to work long hours. The only real purpose is that the wheelbarrow can be used efficiently, concrete pouring, distributing malt or distributing any other loose material in a residential garden. It is recommended to carry heavy products such as wheeled stones such as metals, rocks, or stones.


  • Wheelbarrow
  • Pour spout design allows more accurate, efficient pouring
  • Double clear coated American Ash handles
  • Corrosion proof poly tray
  • Color is Black

3. Polar Trailer 8376


The truth is when it comes to wheel bars you need the latest and greatest. Above all, a wheelbarrow needs excellence on one thing designed for it: To rule around things. The polar trailer takes the top spot for the simple fact that it transfers a lot of luggage to a light frame. Weighing only 49 pounds, its high impact polyethylene tub is difficult to handle 400 meters without any pressure or buckle. The dimensions of the tub will also give you about 10 cubic feet to work. The twisted wheel design is perfect for content in uneven or difficult terrain. The wheelbarrow should be a great option for various types of work on a combination of tubeless tires and a relatively light frame to the yard, campsite, or even professional projects


  • Load capacity: 400 lbs, Load size: 10 cubic feet
  • Weighs: 49 lbs, High impact polyethylene tub
  • Dimensions: 65" X 29" X 29"
  • Tires: 2-20" spoked wheels with solid rubber tires
  • Perfect for hauling most every thing from yard to camping gear

4. Gorilla Carts Poly Garden


Gorilla carts Poly Garden is a proof that inexpensive vehicles and wheeled vehicles, this four-wheel cart has a capacity of 600 pounds. Due to its solid base and convenient handle, you can expect to carry heavy load without any issue. Gorilla Kars has recently updated this design to make it easier to gather and use on hard terrain. The tub is taller than the ground, which gives you ground clearance on the debris. To get off quickly and easily, there is also a quick release dumping mechanism in the car which will tilt like a whole dub truck.


  • Patented quick-release dump feature makes unloading quick and easy
  • New frame design reduces assembly time while offering improved maneuverability and ground clearance
  • Durable 38.7-inch x 20-inch rust-proof poly bed and 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Padded pull handle makes it easy to pull up to 600-pounds.1-year limited warranty

5. YARDMAX YD8103 Track Barrow


Occasionally, to get this work alone is not enough to rely on manpower. Putting a motor in a wheelbarrow will not help you lift heavy loads, but it will make it easier to handle repeated or long-lasting without breaking a sweat. In a stable price tag, the Yardmax YD4103 has four, heavy duty tires powered by three-speed transmissions. The motor is easy to maneuver is, for this reason, that the wheel-wheel can spin on a zero-turn radius. When you are ready to dump your cargo, you can use a hand release to automatically tip 660 pounds of the tub.


  • All terrain, full-time all-wheel drive

  • Turn on a dime with zero-turn radius

  • Multi-speed heavy-duty transmissions (3 forward speeds plus reverse)

  • 660 lb capacity (level ground)

  • One handed release to easily dump where you need it


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